Pediatrics & Women’s Services

The Women’s and Children’s Services department at Midland Memorial Hospital is committed to assisting you and your family through this exciting and memorable time in your lives. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the most personal care before, during and after your hospital stay. You and your family are experiencing a very special time with the approaching birth of your baby. The staff at Midland Memorial Hospital wants to be a part of this important event in your life. Our staff is dedicated to helping you prepare for the physical, emotional, social and financial changes that you face.

We are here from the beginning, offering childbirth education classes designed to educate parents about the labor and delivery process, breastfeeding, how to care for themselves and their newborn, as well as preparing siblings for becoming big brothers and sisters.

The BirthPlace unit has state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities. Suites are designed to provide you and your family a positive and memorable birth experience. You are encouraged to bring any materials to help enhance your birth experience such as a birthing ball, aromatherapy, relaxation and massage techniques, as well as music.

You will be admitted to the OB/GYN unit approximately two hours after the birth of your baby. At this time, a nurse will perform a complete physical assessment of the baby in the nursery unit. We encourage your baby stay with you as much as possible. Before your baby is discharged, a routine hearing screening will be conducted.

The pediatric unit, located on the sixth floor, is fully staffed with experienced nurses who have been trained to care for children of all ages and trained in pediatric advanced life support.

Labor and Delivery     (432) 221-3260
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Nursery (432) 221-3266
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