Total Joint Center

The Total Joint Center at Midland Memorial Hospital developed evidence-based treatment options for joint pain including medication, physical therapy and surgery to replace joints. Pain can occur in many areas, including the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and finger. The Total Joint Center focuses on a wellness approach in the treatment of joint pain and understands people wish to return back to activities they once enjoyed and are working to increase their quality of life. Our highly trained staff will help determine the best treatment plan for you. The care provided is based on evidence and practice and the staff work to ensure every patient is receiving the highest quality of care throughout every aspect of their treatment.

Total joint replacement surgery is common and may be what is best suited for your needs. Physical therapy will begin the day of or morning after surgery. The average hospital stay after having total shoulder or elbow replacement it is usually overnight, while total hip or knee replacement surgery is closer to two days.

If you are experiencing any joint pain and would like more information, please call (855) 26JOINT or email